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Different Airport Fashion of Stars?

[by Kim Minsoo] South Korean female stars are controlling the airport.

Actresses Park So Dam, Ahn So Hee, and Han Hyo Joo, who visited the airport for their overseas schedule, boasted their existence as actresses in different moods of clothes. Their styles attract the attention as much as their acting skills do on TV and movie screen.

Like this, South Korean female stars’ airport fashion gained attention with a variety of topics and issues. Their airport fashion is more and more expected since they properly show the stars’ charm with their individuality. What kind of styles have they displayed?

# Park So Dam

It seems that even an ordinary item makes a lively look if it is worn by Park So Dam. She visited the Gimpo International Airport to attend the Busan International Film Festival, wearing a turtleneck knitwear and a denim skirts with her own charm. Especially, her sunglasses that covered half her whole face and the flower-patterned back pack served as a point for her entire style.

[Editor Pick] In the cool fall, if you wear a knitwear and a skirt and appear at an airport, you may be a fashionista. A knitwear’s thick material allows you to wear it both in fall and winter. If you match it with a variety of design of skirts, you can transform your style with some good mood.

# Ahn So Hee

Singer and actress Ahn So Hee showed her fashionable aspect by using a striped coat. She matched black skinny jeans and boots, completing her own airport fashion.

[Editor Pick] Repeated checked patterns are overwhelming in fall. Especially, if the patterns are on a coat, they will create more proud image and you can dress up with it without excessive details. Thus, repeated checked patterns contain different charm.

# Han Hyo Joo

Actress Han Hyo Joo was all about innocent looks like a goddess at the airport. She wore a cape jacket, attracting the attention with a stylish, sophisticated style. She presented a very sensible style with a white inner top and denim wide-leg pants.

[Editor Pick] In fall, a jacket is very useful as a main styling item. Thus, it is a major outerwear from the change of seasons, and since fall is short, it is recommended to be used more actively. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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